Sunday, February 28, 2010

Independence of Balochistan and war in Afghanistan

As war in Afghanistan intensifies extremist elements as usual will run for hideouts in areas away from fronts in Afghanistan. One of such safe heaven has been created by Pakistani intelligence agencies inside Balochistan. Presence of these Afghan extremist elements( "assets" as they are called by ISI officials) has been on the rise inside Baloch territory. This is a strategic tactic of Pakistani intelligence establishment.

These extremist elements have traditionally been involved in destabilizing any Government in Afghanistan on Pakistani orders at the same time their growing numbers inside Balochistan is a source of satisfaction for Pakistani military officials as they move ahead with their anti Baloch operation in the region. The ultimate aim being turning Baloch into a minority and taking control of their natural resources including natural gas and petroleum.

Long lasting peace in Afghanistan is nothing more than wishful thinking unless intelligence support to Taliban is completely cutoff from Pakistan. This can only be achieved through supporting the independence of Balochistan.



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