Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pakistan continues killing Baloch

Pakistan military continues its air and ground operations against Baloch nation in different areas of Balochistan, in cities abduction of Baloch nationalists has increased. Pakistani politicians on the other hand keep apologizing and wooing Baloch nation that they will stop the operation and killings of Baloch soon. Something that never happened in history of Pakistan , because despite changes in political or military governments the military intelligence and forces in Balochistan continued their operations against Baloch nation.

ISI supports Taliban activities in Afghanistan through troops moment and training camaps in some areas of Balochistan something that Baloch nation has always protested against. In recent past following NATO operation in Afghanistan presence of key Taliban elements has been reported in some Pashto speaking districts of Balochistan.

Quetta shura basically an assembly of Taliban elements away from active war fronts has been established to support Taliban activities in Afghanistan on one hand and play an anti Baloch role in Balochistan on the other. Baloch a peace loving , democratic, moderate nation is waiting for international community to accept its right to exist ..... but that seems to be too much of an asking !



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