Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The abduction of Baloch activists continue in pakistan.

The kidnappings of Baloch nationalists by military continue in Balochistan so does the killings of Baloch nation by Pakistan army. The Baloch are facing systemic and planned brutal war crimes from Pakistan.

On the other hand operation against religious extremists are half hearted and infact many of Taliban activities are being supported by ISI. Baloch are being targeted in all walks of life especially in government departments , military forces (FC) stop , check and punish Baloch on the roads. Military has completed surrounded Balochistan native people are not allowed to travel , there is an acute food shortage in areas like Dear bugti , Kahan, Mashkay ,Awaran.

Pakistan military has received Billions of dollars from civilized world for operation against Talibans without doing anything against them . Most of the Taliban leaders were killed by US drones attacks Pakistani military intelligence agencies have complete information about Taliban but they do not want to hurt them.


At May 6, 2011 at 1:07 AM , Blogger manoj said...

At last US has retaliated with osama bin laden ,it is not only osama first US should take necessary steps to check and dismantle ISI OTHERWISE agaain 09/11 type of situation may happens and more over realized that pakis are not helping them but creating an illusion in the mind of US authorities ,at last they also understood that with the help of pakis , the war on terrorism can never be won . the main thing US has to understand that pakistan is run by the military rulers and the ISI not the civilian govt. the civilian govt has no agenda to implement for the benefit of the public rather the are working as executives i would say rather puppets appointed by the military rulers showing that civilian rule exists in pakistan but actually it is the military they are rulling and pushing their agenda through civilian Govt. , i urge the U.S govt. first to dismantle the network of ISI and U.S should help the people of BALUCHISTAN&SIND,and and PASTUNS should revert their religion to JUDAIM as OLD TESTAMENT says THEY are one of the lost tribes of israel. hence AGAIN pakhtoonistan and south of PUNJAB as SEREIKISTAN for an uprising and arm them to separate from the BLOODY nasty, hardcore jehadi punjabipakis who controls all the resources of pakistan and terror network as well It will be helpful to the US for total control of IRAN and CHINA from the southern side .


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