Saturday, March 6, 2010

General David Petreus praising ISI despite its criminal record.....

This must please ISI greatly , an organization that has been running a government of its own supporting taliban, conducting terrorist attacks in India and above all occupying Balochistan by force and carrying out genocide of Baloch nation. Especially by using the same weapons and surveillance equipments given by US to counter the taliban activities.

Baloch a peace loving , democratic and liberal nation has been the target of wrost kind of human rights wiolations and war crimes by paki army and at the same time the ISI has kept on increasing the presence of Taliban elements in Balochistan (Quetta Shoura)to utilize taliban extremists against Baloch national struggle for freedom.

But the respected General has decided to choose a permanent partnership with ISI that surely will help ISI to conduct more killings of innocent Baloch people, support Taliban activities in Afghanistan in a better way and may improve the logistical support to taliban in Afghanistan through Quetta.

The author would be delighted to know respected general's views on "Where Taliban are getting their technical, planning, logistical and operational support from???

Its this kind of myopic vision of "able commanders" that gives criminal organizations like ISI a chance to implement their evil designs for worst kind be it support to al queda and taliban for 9/11 , mumbai attacks or ongoing genocide of Baloch nation.



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