Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jangayz Marri a new thief in Balochistan

The ongoing military actions against baloch civilians and leaders in Balochistan resulted in large number of deaths, disappearances, assassinations of baloch leaders; in short Baloch nation has suffered in every field of life. Campaigning for liberation of their homeland , and standing up to an aggressive Pakistani military that has no regard for human rights or rights of civilian women and children ,has not been easy for Baloch nation, nor was it supposed to be.

But then in all liberation struggles and every nation there are people who sell themselves to the highest bidder. In Balochistan most baloch people consider Jangayz Marri worst than a street prostitute, who sells her body but not the soul. He is the elder son of Nawab Khair Bakash Marri who is at the forefront of Baloch national struggle for freedom. But Jangayz joined the enemy ranks just for money, he is even considered to have played a role in killing of his younger brother Mir Balach Marri, by providing military intelligence information about his brother’s movement.

With support of Pakistan military and intelligence agencies Jangayz Marri has established a criminal gang in his house on saryab road Quetta. His gang is involved in robberies, lootings, forcibly occupying land of others, and snatching belongings of travelers on Quetta Karachi route. Even though he is being highly paid by Pakistan military and ISI for his spying and other anti baloch activities yet his greed seems to be growing by the day. He is also reported to have been visiting Corps Commander’s office in Quetta cantonment begging for any political role in next provincial setup but army officials keep on humiliating him for having no “influence in his tribe”.

Jangayz Marri because of his spying activities, links with military intelligence, and his criminal gang in Quetta has earned the nick name of “New Thief” amongst people of Balochistan. The Governor Magsi is only government figure that meets Jangayz Marri in day light and hence provides him with a photo opportunity that he so desperately needs. His masters’ (Pakistan military and intelligence) use him as a spy agent but despite his best efforts do not provide him with an opportunity to portray himself as a VIP, for instance despite the best efforts he has not been given the opportunity of a photo opportunity with army chief.
Abandoned by his family, hated by baloch people, highly paid but equally humiliated by army and intelligence, Jangayz Marri is like a stray dog gone mad on streets of Quetta city, frantically running between gates of Governor and Corps Commander’s house looking for an opportunity just to sneak in.

That’s the fate of all traitors who leave Baloch nation for money or hope that military intelligence would help them become a politician


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