Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pakistan’s Double Game…. Options for international community

Pakistan since the early days of Charlie Wilson’s War in Afghanistan has been one of the major recipients of US military aid. Pakistan military established close contacts with extremists around the world during Afghan war but ISI did not abandon those contacts after the war. Following the disintegration of USSR “ISI” became the real Government in Afghanistan and the country was turned into a safe haven for international terrorists.
But this was not enough for ISI or Pakistan army’s generals thus started the militarization or Talibanization of Pakistan. The Jamait E Islami and Jameet e ulma e Islam and other fanatical groups were fully supported and strengthened hence they became custodian of “ideology of Pakistan” which is nothing more than war propaganda used by ISI to ensure continuous supply of extremist organizations to fight in Kashmir and Afghanistan. Thus Jamait E Islami and Jameet e ulma e Islam and other such organization gave birth to another group of organizations such as lashkar e taiba, and others that have a prefix lashkar attached to them. This nomenclature “Jamait” (which means an organization) and Lashkar (which means a group) was of specific interest to ISI operatives. From the Madersas which were, and still are, ruled by Jamait E Islami and Jameet e ulma e Islam extremists are enrolled into these two organizations and are further brain washed by these organizations and only the most radical elements amongst them are selected to join the Lashkars (the groups). These selected radical elements are trained , financed and used by ISI these Lashkars are what Pakistan army generals proudly refer to as Non State Actors.
Now the organizations such Jamait e Islami and Jameet e ulma e Islam are not only running the huge madersa system in Pakistan but through ISI financing and support they have also become political parties.

Under the constant military regimes in Pakistan, only one group of print and electronic media was allowed to grow. Hence it’s not surprising that biggest ISI sponsored news paper in Pakistan has a strange name “Jang” which if translated means “WAR” and the TV channel of the same organization goes by the name of “Jeo” which means “LIVING” put the two together and it becomes the Ideology of Pakistan “living the war”. The question is which war? It’s a war against India, a war against secularism, a war against democratic nations. Recently a telephonic conversation between a very influential anchor of the above mentioned media organization and a Taliban extremist has surfaced. In this conversation the Taliban team leader requests guidance from this media anchor (Hamid Mir) about a person that is under their custody. Hamid Mir (the famous anchor) advises the Taliban team leader to further interrogate that person. This shows the extent to which ISI controls each and every walk of life in Pakistan.

The Pakistan army has occupied Balochistan which accounts for more than 45% land and most of natural resources in Pakistan including the natural gas resources. Baloch are freedom loving, secular people who never believed or joined the ISI war machinery and instead have been demanding the freedom of their homeland from Pakistan. Hence Pakistan army is conducting the most systematically planned genocide of Baloch nation through means of chemical weapons, gunship helicopters, forced disappearances, torture cells, no political rights, and no medical and other services. Not surprisingly Pakistan military also choose to conduct its nuclear tests inside Baloch population in Balochistan.

Historically, the western powers have always sided with Pakistan army against the Baloch nation hence Pakistan has freely used surveillance and military equipment against Baloch nation that was handed over for use against Taliban militants. But this time around the entire command and control system of Taliban militants is based in Quetta and despite repeated requests for international community Pakistan army has declined to take any action against Quetta Shura. Baloch National Struggle for freedom provides an excellent opportunity to international community for intervention in the region and eradication of Taliban support system established by ISI in Quetta surely Baloch would well come such a move. The other option would be to support appointments of (the so called) liberal minded generals on key position and hope that they will somehow change the system. The temporary gestures of commitment to international peace are nothing more than false promises by Pakistani generals and world has seen that from Zia to Musharaf, they simply Do Not deliver and they don’t want to.

The Baloch leaders Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri, Hyrbiyar Marri, Brahumdagh Bugti and Dr. Allah Nazar are all willing to sit on Table for independence of their homeland with international community. It’s time the international community abandons its long standing policy of supporting Pakistan Army and starts looking for new options of stability in Afghanistan. The independence of Balochistan and stability in Afghanistan are intertwined because without cutting the Taliban supply line from Quetta (Balochistan) there can be no peace in Afghanistan.

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At June 19, 2010 at 1:00 PM , Blogger Early Light said...

Actually, Pakistan tied itself to Islamic extremism right before independence. Pakistan and India were together a British colony; the Muslims pushed for two countries upon independence as a bargaining chip, and allied themselves with more extremist and less secular interpretations of Islam. When the British left, the Muslims were surprised to get without negotiation what they had asked for - a separate state. Over time, certain elements in Pakistan, especially the professional military, cultivated ties with militarized madrassas to provide strategic depth against India, and as a means of waging a proxy war over Kashmir. Under Zia in the 1980's, which was the decade of the jihad in Afghanistan, this relationship was cemented, and now threatens all secular-leaning people in Pakistan.

At June 22, 2010 at 11:06 PM , Blogger Baloch said...

Your point is well taken butwhat worries Baloch and other secular nations in the region is the international community’s constant support to Pakistan army. Now here is an example a US national while working with UN in Balochistan was kidnapped by a Baloch group that was angry about United Nations silence regarding human rights violations being conducted by Pakistan army against Baloch.
Pakistan army Generals made every possible effort that Mr. John Solecki {the US national who was working with UN } should be killed. But Baloch leadership {Nawab Khair Bakhash Marri , Brahumdagh Bugti, Hyrbiyar Marri , Ghulam Muhammad Baloch , Lala Munir and others} made repeated requests to kidnappers for safe release of US national. Who was finally released by kidnappers unharmed but pakistan army unleased its madness by kidnapping Ghulam Muhammad Baloch , Lala Munir , torturing them to death and throwing their bodies from helicopters.

At June 28, 2010 at 4:17 PM , Blogger Early Light said...

Support for Pakistan? Two reasons. 1) Americans who don't understand that part of the world (and don't even understand much else, for that matter) want Rawalpindi to do the thinking for them; and 2) follow the money (kickbacks from offsets, "commissions" on military aid, bribes from heroin money...).

Average Americans are so busy working to pay taxes and support a class of people who don't want to work, average Americans are so busy working to save what's left of their Constitutional Republic, that they don't have time to educate themselves on the real corruption in our government, or learn what's really happening in far away places.

Anyway, in a country this dumbed down and corrupted, where would you get your information from? It's not like CNN and Fox are going to do anything more than spin approved by higher-ups - in the case of Fox, they will at least try to present it as "fair and balanced", even though it's all approved in the same circles, just like our Presidential candidates are.

At May 6, 2011 at 1:11 AM , Blogger manoj said...

At last US has retaliated with osama bin laden ,it is not only osama first US should take necessary steps to check and dismantle ISI OTHERWISE agaain 09/11 type of situation may happens and more over realized that pakis are not helping them but creating an illusion in the mind of US authorities ,at last they also understood that with the help of pakis , the war on terrorism can never be won . the main thing US has to understand that pakistan is run by the military rulers and the ISI not the civilian govt. the civilian govt has no agenda to implement for the benefit of the public rather the are working as executives i would say rather puppets appointed by the military rulers showing that civilian rule exists in pakistan but actually it is the military they are rulling and pushing their agenda through civilian Govt. , i urge the U.S govt. first to dismantle the network of ISI and U.S should help the people of BALUCHISTAN&SIND,and and PASTUNS should revert their religion to JUDAIM as OLD TESTAMENT says THEY are one of the lost tribes of israel. hence AGAIN pakhtoonistan and south of PUNJAB as SEREIKISTAN for an uprising and arm them to separate from the BLOODY nasty, hardcore jehadi punjabipakis who controls all the resources of pakistan and terror network as well It will be helpful to the US for total control of IRAN and CHINA from the southern side .


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