Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pakistan army atrocities in Balochistan , ISI , wikki leaks and India

Wikki leaks did not reveal new information as for as Pakistan army is considered , at least not from a baloch perspective, because every child in Balochistan (an occupied territory) knows that democracy and civilian governments in Pakistan are nothing more then “show piece” just to fool the international community , especially the western world.

It’s the military especially the Inter services intelligence agency that rules the country, and as for as the links between ISI and Taliban are concerned one does not need secret diplomatic cables and wikki leaks to know about that. The authentic spokesman for ISI and Taliban , General Hamid Gul and his implementing partners from Jammat e Islami , Jammat e Dawa and others can be seen on Pakistan major television networks celebrating the victory of Taliban . Now what’s beyond comprehension is the consistent monetary and technical support the Pakistan army is receiving from western world. Its an open secret that Pakistan army will never act against militant organizations because it considers them assets.

The only fact the wikki leaks highlight is weakness of Indian government to respond to Pakistan sponsored militancy in the region , in fact India has become a global sign of impotence. Hamid Gul and company keep on black mailing Indian government by sponsoring terrorist attacks inside Indian territory, terrorists are provided safe houses, funding and logistics in Pakistan . when India talks about taking action against terrorist camps inside Pakistan the military and ISI play their Islamic atomic bomb card so well that it brings every one in action to prevent India form taking any effective measures.

A large number of Hindus have been living in Balochistan since centuries and they have had excellent relationships with local baloch who are liberal people. Many Hindus were killed by Pakistan army when it attacked Baloch cities such as Dera bugti , Kahan , Naseer abad and Jaffar abad areas but Indian government could not take Pakistan's pressure and hence in recent joint official press releases the Indian prime minister did not even mention atrocities of Pakistan army in Balochistan.

Pakistan army labels baloch civilians as black water , and RAW agents and that gives ISI license to attack baloch communities with helicopters and air planes, killing civilians women and children. Recently, Mr. Ayub Gichki’s house was attacked by Pakistan army, soldiers entered his house arrested and killed his two teenage sons by shooting them in the head. But Pakistani media, that does not stop crying for terrorist like afia sadiqi and Taliban, did not even mention this attack even though Mr. Gichki is a well known tribal leader in Balochistan.

Pakistan army and especially ISI poses a grave threat to international peace it’s a fact that many a capitals around the around agree on but there is no Conesus and coordination as to how should international community deal with Pakistan army. The Baloch national struggle for independence has shown great resolve and resilience despite the worst kinds of human rights violations that Pakistan army has been conducting against baloch civilians by kidnapping , torturing , killing baloch students, lawyers, political activists and leaders yet the resistance continues and baloch are fighting their war of independence without any substantial support from civilized world.

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At December 12, 2010 at 10:37 AM , Blogger Khan Jan Baloch said...

President of U.S.A and the heads of the civilized world
should change their policy about Pakistan. The security
of the whole world is at stake due to the most dangerous State of the world i.e. Pakistan.

The occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan should be
finished. The Independent Balochistan shall offer a safe transport of NATO logistic supplies to Afghanistan. United Nations must interfere in Balochistan by sending "Peace keeping forces" to stop the genocide of Balochs.

At February 4, 2011 at 8:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

its all a bull shit ,written just to demonize Pkaistan and its PAK army .the writer should know the reality and involvement of india and israel in the region. the great economic fight of world power is being played in the region . the most hurdle in it is Pak Army.If America, india and the writer are so much friend of Baluch then they should help these people by creating economic zones ,industries ,education , hospital . the fact is no one care about the and are just playing their card for own benfit. the whole scenrio is of "BLOOD DIOMOND"

At February 11, 2011 at 8:17 PM , Blogger Baloch said...

Two comments above reflect the contrasting ends of political spectrum, one could tell that the first comment is from a native Baloch, who lives in Balochistan , must have seen the atrocities , and like every Baloch is fed up of Pakistan.

Second comments most probably comes from someone far away from Balochistan most probably in one of megacities of Pakistan, they see Baloch problems and political uprising through their own prism , for them Baloch issues do not exist,and killings of Baloch civilians by FC and does not matter .

At July 18, 2012 at 12:47 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What ever happening in Balochistan is due to the involvement of india. india is backing all the terrorist attacks and providing funds to destablise the PAKISTAN but india will never suuceed in shaa Allah and will face the consequences soon.


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