Thursday, June 9, 2011

Baloch intellectual, writer, and historian Professor Saba Dashtiyari gunned down by ISI death squad.

The ISI death squad have been abducting and killing Baloch students, lawyers, leaders, political activists, doctors and human right activists in different cities of Balochistan for a long time now. In the small towns it’s a different story all together where Frontier Corps and Army conduct large scale operations during which artillery and rockets are freely used against innocent civilian Baloch population.

But apparently this was not enough and hence the secret agencies have started killing individuals who are working on Baloch history, culture and literature. Professor Saba Dashtiyari was a highly respected Baloch intellectual and a Professor in the only university in Balochistan, but that did not deter ISI death squad’s from targeting him. As usual an unknown Islamist group claimed the responsibility for the killing.

Balochistan university, is an anomaly in Pakistan’s universities because it is not controlled by pro-Taliban Jihadi group Jamat e Islami. Instead secular student bodies are far more active and prominent in this institute and that could be a contributing factor for Professor Saba’s killing, because Pakistan’s military and secret agencies have being pushing for Talibanization in Balochistan for a long time and Baloch intellectuals and nationalists like professor Saba Dashtiyari have been protesting against it. Professor Saba’s death could be a message to all Baloch nationalists in the university that they should either embrace Pakistan sponsored Talibanization or be ready for consequences.

After professor Saba’s death his pupils and colleagues used to meet in front of his office and residence in the university to burn candles and remember this great person, but Government has quickly issued a notification prohibiting such gathering. This in fact is an official order for everyone "Not to Remember" professor Saba. It is ironic that his killers are free to move about in army cantonment but those who mourn his death may get arrested and punished.

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At March 26, 2012 at 11:44 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one can stop us to remember love and follow our teacher and our leader Professor Saba Dashtyari Baloch. Baloch motherland is very fertile in producing sons and daughers proudly sacrifying lives for her honour. Many many more Saba are ready to carry on his cause.
Professor Naela Quadri Baloch


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