Sunday, March 28, 2010

Afghanistan…. History repeating itself! Independent Baloch state the last hope for success of civilized world in the region.

Way back in soviet era when USSR was finally defeated and Russian forces retreated to Moscow, The policy makers in Pentagon and White house decided it’s all clear. Pakistan army had an open field in Afghanistan “The ISI” ( run by a group of religious hawks) soon initiated the implementation of its own game plan in the war torn country.

The ISI operations in charge in Afghanistan enjoyed the status of a colonial Viceroy, being the sole custodian of nuclear technology (and everything else too practically) in Pakistan, The ISI knew exactly how close they are to “Atom bomb”. They laid a plan to organize the religious Jihadi groups as they had against USSR from Afghanistan to central Asia and use them not only against India in Kashmir but also use them as a potential bargaining tool while dealing with civilized world.

Not surprisingly, as soon as the Taliban and company gained power they started harassing Baloch leaders and national who had left Pakistan during the Pakistani military operation against Baloch nation in 70’s. Following instructions from ISI Taliban started attacking liberal Baloch who have been living in camps in Afghanistan for years and campaigning for independent Baloch state.Many Baloch were killed and remaining were forced to return to Pakistan , Taliban made sure they took away any cash, belongings, and livestock from more than 30000 migrating Baloch households. This was one of the worst migrations in the region as Pakistan Army was more concerned on searching and interrogating the Baloch returning to their homeland that had no food, safe drinking water or shelter.

What religious extremists and ISI did to civilized world is open history now, but it managed to safe guard its interests even in the post 9/11 era. Dr. Qadir used by Musharaf to save ISI and Pakistan army is free and nuclear proliferation by Pakistan seems to have been forgiven and forgotten, ISI assets (the Good Taliban) are freely operating in Quetta and southern Afghanistan.
The civilized world is again preparing to withdraw its focus from Afghanistan and once again hand it over to ISI, this will have great repercussions for world peace in future. Pakistan army has already intensified its genocide of Baloch nation, On 27 March Baloch nation in Balochistan is protesting against the military takeover of their independent state by Pakistan army on the same date during 1948. An independent Baloch state in the region is civilized world’s last hope for lasting peace and curbing Talibanization in Afghanistan.

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At May 6, 2011 at 1:10 AM , Blogger manoj said...

At last US has retaliated with osama bin laden ,it is not only osama first US should take necessary steps to check and dismantle ISI OTHERWISE agaain 09/11 type of situation may happens and more over realized that pakis are not helping them but creating an illusion in the mind of US authorities ,at last they also understood that with the help of pakis , the war on terrorism can never be won . the main thing US has to understand that pakistan is run by the military rulers and the ISI not the civilian govt. the civilian govt has no agenda to implement for the benefit of the public rather the are working as executives i would say rather puppets appointed by the military rulers showing that civilian rule exists in pakistan but actually it is the military they are rulling and pushing their agenda through civilian Govt. , i urge the U.S govt. first to dismantle the network of ISI and U.S should help the people of BALUCHISTAN&SIND,and and PASTUNS should revert their religion to JUDAIM as OLD TESTAMENT says THEY are one of the lost tribes of israel. hence AGAIN pakhtoonistan and south of PUNJAB as SEREIKISTAN for an uprising and arm them to separate from the BLOODY nasty, hardcore jehadi punjabipakis who controls all the resources of pakistan and terror network as well It will be helpful to the US for total control of IRAN and CHINA from the southern side .


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