Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Balochistan under military siege

International reporters can travel to Gaza and cover news and conduct interviews and Palestinian politicians and people have the right to peaceful political assembly. On the other hand Baloch people in Pakistan and Iranian occupied Balochistan (the homeland of Baloch) have no human rights. The army and its secret agencies continue their siege of Balochistan. Baloch towns continue to be bombed and secret agencies continue their “Kill and Dump” policies despite repeated warnings and notices by international Human Rights organizations.

Pakistan’s ISI controlled, so called free media is very busy weeping for Taliban’s and advocating for Kashmiri militant groups that it cannot even mention the forced disappearances of hundreds of Baloch youth , political activists and innocent civilians. Close to 200 hundred mutilated dead bodies of Baloch activists have been discovered on roadsides in Balochistan who according to their relatives and eyewitness were abducted by Frontier Constabulary, secret agencies and ISI sponsored death squads but Pakistan’s media completely ignored this burning issue.

International news agencies are not allowed, international humanitarian workers cannot enter Balochistan, international human rights groups cannot enter Balochistan and even the diplomatic staff from other countries is not allowed to visit Balochistan. The ISI controlled media does not mention the human rights violation by military in Balochistan but when US ambassador visits Balochistan all of sudden Foreign Office, Jammat e Islami, ISI and Pakistan’s media all become interested. Because ISI does not want the international community to see how Pakistan’s forces are conducting a systematic genocide of Baloch nation and how common Baloch is living under siege of Frontier Constabulary. In comparison the situation in Balochistan is worst then Gaza but so far the international community has failed to take notice of human rights situation in Balochistan.

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