Friday, August 19, 2011

Seven Dead Bodies of Young Baloch Students surface in Balochistan, why doesn’t the Chief justice take notice???

Pakistan’s ISI controlled media, Jamat e Islami and the parliament can’t stop its propaganda against Baloch nation especially when a foreign ambassador, human rights activist or journalist tries to visit Balochistan. But the same forces ignore the continued brutalities of Pakistan’s forces against innocent Baloch civilians. Even the death of seven young men from BSO- (azad) whose tortured dead bodies surfaced a few days ago could not force Pakistan’s rubber stamp parliament to at least condemn the brutalities of military, intelligence agencies and FC against Baloch nation.

Even the hyperactive chief justice of Pakistan, who seems to be interested in everything from transfers and postings of officials to making political statements, is silent about Balochistan. The house of Nawab Akbar Bugti’s son and son in law have recently been attacked by Pakistan’s Frontier Constabulary in an attempt to force them into withdrawing the murder case against Pakistan military that is currently in the court. And yet Pakistan’s Chief Justice famous for his sue motto notices has failed to even take notice of the issue.

These killings by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies and forces have been carried out after the reports, released by different international human rights organizations, which strongly criticized Pakistan’s forces and Government for torturing and killing innocent Baloch civilians. That shows how much Pakistan’s nuclear armed army cares about human rights and international reports.

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