Friday, July 16, 2010

Habib Jalib’s killing by Pakistani agencies

Pakistan’s army with all muscle and nuclear arms has not been able to subdue Baloch movement for independence, in fact Baloch nation has shown more resolve as Pakistan army increased its war crimes. Now they have started killing Baloch leaders under fake names (dummy organizations) this is an attempt to create distrust among Baloch society. According to print media reports there are 27 Pakistan intelligence agencies currently working in Balochistan against Baloch struggle for freedom. Habib Jalib a former senator and secretary general of a Baloch nationalist political party was killed by Pakistan’s agencies while he was visiting his brother in his shop.

While Pakistan steps ups its aggression against Baloch civilians, political leaders, students and political activists the international community continues it’s” wait- and- watch” policy towards Baloch issue.

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