Sunday, March 28, 2010

Afghanistan…. History repeating itself! Independent Baloch state the last hope for success of civilized world in the region.

Way back in soviet era when USSR was finally defeated and Russian forces retreated to Moscow, The policy makers in Pentagon and White house decided it’s all clear. Pakistan army had an open field in Afghanistan “The ISI” ( run by a group of religious hawks) soon initiated the implementation of its own game plan in the war torn country.

The ISI operations in charge in Afghanistan enjoyed the status of a colonial Viceroy, being the sole custodian of nuclear technology (and everything else too practically) in Pakistan, The ISI knew exactly how close they are to “Atom bomb”. They laid a plan to organize the religious Jihadi groups as they had against USSR from Afghanistan to central Asia and use them not only against India in Kashmir but also use them as a potential bargaining tool while dealing with civilized world.

Not surprisingly, as soon as the Taliban and company gained power they started harassing Baloch leaders and national who had left Pakistan during the Pakistani military operation against Baloch nation in 70’s. Following instructions from ISI Taliban started attacking liberal Baloch who have been living in camps in Afghanistan for years and campaigning for independent Baloch state.Many Baloch were killed and remaining were forced to return to Pakistan , Taliban made sure they took away any cash, belongings, and livestock from more than 30000 migrating Baloch households. This was one of the worst migrations in the region as Pakistan Army was more concerned on searching and interrogating the Baloch returning to their homeland that had no food, safe drinking water or shelter.

What religious extremists and ISI did to civilized world is open history now, but it managed to safe guard its interests even in the post 9/11 era. Dr. Qadir used by Musharaf to save ISI and Pakistan army is free and nuclear proliferation by Pakistan seems to have been forgiven and forgotten, ISI assets (the Good Taliban) are freely operating in Quetta and southern Afghanistan.
The civilized world is again preparing to withdraw its focus from Afghanistan and once again hand it over to ISI, this will have great repercussions for world peace in future. Pakistan army has already intensified its genocide of Baloch nation, On 27 March Baloch nation in Balochistan is protesting against the military takeover of their independent state by Pakistan army on the same date during 1948. An independent Baloch state in the region is civilized world’s last hope for lasting peace and curbing Talibanization in Afghanistan.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nuclear tests inside Baloch population, war against Baloch and Pakistani demand for civil nuclear deal

There is no civilian role in Pakistan's nuclear program to begin with, its military and ISI that calls the shots about nuclear and any other important program. The ISI from time to time arrests some "Bad Taliban" elements but generally It has excellent coordination with" Good Taliban" (or assets) in the active field in Southern Afghanistan or their command and control authority which is based at Quetta.

The surveillance equipment and helicopters provided to Pakistan during Musharaf era by US Government for use against Taliban elements were instead used against liberal Baloch Nation in Balochistan who are fighting for their independence from Pakistan.
The United Nations recently has also asked international community to let Afghan decide themselves but ISI is already strengthening its Afghanistan cell at Quetta (Balochistan). The dream of an independent free Afghanistan without Talibanization can never be fulfilled without putting to an end the ISI involvement in that country.

The only sustainable approach is to put an end to silent genocide of Baloch nation by Pakistan military and support independence of Balochistan a territory jointly occupied by Iran and Pakistan. Baloch a liberal democratic nation would be a natural buffer zone between Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistani inter services intelligence agency. This would greatly add to political stability in Afghanistan and at the same time put to an end the constant blackmailing from Pakistan Military.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Nawab Khair Baksh Marri the greatest Baloch leader

It’s perfectly understandable , at this critical stage of national movement pakistan agents have started propaganda agains the greatest leader of Baloch nation "Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri" he has since his early days in politics never accepted any designation in pakistani system even though he was offered to become Chief Minister , Governor or Speaker by NAP at that time.

Subsequently, he has been offered many lucrative positions by government of pakistan but he and his followers never agreed to anything less than freedom and thats why he sacrificed his beloved son "Shaheed Mir Balach.He is the symbol of Baloch defiance and someone the Baloch nation looks up to as their greatest hero.

Now the agents from pakistani agencies have started the propaganda against Nawab Marri. This is not new some people within marri tribe" who are enjoying the senate by forgetting the blood of their own brother who was killed by ISI in Quetta Cant” tried the same tactic long time ago but now they cannot even live in Balochistan without government protection and who knows what is the "cost of protection " they are paying to military officers???

One can understand clearly why a news paper owner is so desperate now a days , because the legendry Shaheed Nawab Akabark Bugti provided him with support for the news paper and supported him through out his life now that Nawab bugti is dead and Bugti family has abandoned Pakistani politics Mr. Sajjidi has started looking for support in PPP or pakistani military and these are good tactics may be he ends up to get the attention of those he wants.

But remarks and comments and negative tactics like these would never be able to arrest the progress of Baloch national struggle. Nawab Marri's political approach and commitment to Baloch cause and his fame will not diminish because of what a business man in print media says. I hope the military intelligence would grant Mr. Sajidi with a proper price and he will soon have his private TV channel????

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

General David Petreus praising ISI despite its criminal record.....

This must please ISI greatly , an organization that has been running a government of its own supporting taliban, conducting terrorist attacks in India and above all occupying Balochistan by force and carrying out genocide of Baloch nation. Especially by using the same weapons and surveillance equipments given by US to counter the taliban activities.

Baloch a peace loving , democratic and liberal nation has been the target of wrost kind of human rights wiolations and war crimes by paki army and at the same time the ISI has kept on increasing the presence of Taliban elements in Balochistan (Quetta Shoura)to utilize taliban extremists against Baloch national struggle for freedom.

But the respected General has decided to choose a permanent partnership with ISI that surely will help ISI to conduct more killings of innocent Baloch people, support Taliban activities in Afghanistan in a better way and may improve the logistical support to taliban in Afghanistan through Quetta.

The author would be delighted to know respected general's views on "Where Taliban are getting their technical, planning, logistical and operational support from???

Its this kind of myopic vision of "able commanders" that gives criminal organizations like ISI a chance to implement their evil designs for worst kind be it support to al queda and taliban for 9/11 , mumbai attacks or ongoing genocide of Baloch nation.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The abduction of Baloch activists continue in pakistan.

The kidnappings of Baloch nationalists by military continue in Balochistan so does the killings of Baloch nation by Pakistan army. The Baloch are facing systemic and planned brutal war crimes from Pakistan.

On the other hand operation against religious extremists are half hearted and infact many of Taliban activities are being supported by ISI. Baloch are being targeted in all walks of life especially in government departments , military forces (FC) stop , check and punish Baloch on the roads. Military has completed surrounded Balochistan native people are not allowed to travel , there is an acute food shortage in areas like Dear bugti , Kahan, Mashkay ,Awaran.

Pakistan military has received Billions of dollars from civilized world for operation against Talibans without doing anything against them . Most of the Taliban leaders were killed by US drones attacks Pakistani military intelligence agencies have complete information about Taliban but they do not want to hurt them.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pakistan continues killing Baloch

Pakistan military continues its air and ground operations against Baloch nation in different areas of Balochistan, in cities abduction of Baloch nationalists has increased. Pakistani politicians on the other hand keep apologizing and wooing Baloch nation that they will stop the operation and killings of Baloch soon. Something that never happened in history of Pakistan , because despite changes in political or military governments the military intelligence and forces in Balochistan continued their operations against Baloch nation.

ISI supports Taliban activities in Afghanistan through troops moment and training camaps in some areas of Balochistan something that Baloch nation has always protested against. In recent past following NATO operation in Afghanistan presence of key Taliban elements has been reported in some Pashto speaking districts of Balochistan.

Quetta shura basically an assembly of Taliban elements away from active war fronts has been established to support Taliban activities in Afghanistan on one hand and play an anti Baloch role in Balochistan on the other. Baloch a peace loving , democratic, moderate nation is waiting for international community to accept its right to exist ..... but that seems to be too much of an asking !


Monday, March 1, 2010

Stop Genocide of Baloch ,recommendations of Bangko conference.

At the close of the conference at Bangkok, international community was asked to intervene and stop genocide of Baloch nation by Pakistani military forces , war tactics of military and intelligence agencies against Baloch were highlighted in details.

Despite dubious role of Pakistani military establishment against talibans fighting in Afghanistan and a constant support by ISI for leaders like Haqani and Hiqmatyar the international community has continued supporting Pakistan.

Clearly now road to peace in Afghanistan travels through Balochistan therefore creation of a Baloch homeland is critical for interuption of ISI's direct field access to southern Afghanistan.

The willingness of international community to act against Pakistani military's actions in Balochistan will be clear in weeks to come.