Saturday, June 26, 2010

Abdul Malik Reiki another Baloch Leader killed by Iran’s fascist Government

Baloch homeland is occupied by different countries like Pakistan and Iran and Baloch nation is forced to live under the fascist regimes of Iran and Pakistan. Baloch homeland is divided between Iran and Pakistan by a false international border “Goldsmith Line”. But Baloch on both sides of “Goldsmith Line” are treated in the same way. Iran and Pakistan keep on exploiting natural resources in Baloch Homeland but deny even the basic human rights to Baloch nation. Lack of freedom of speech and use of force against innocent Baloch civilians has forced Baloch nation on both sides of Goldsmith line in Balochistan and Siestan to take up arms in self defense.
Both Iranian and Pakistan Governments have a similar policy when it comes to exploitation of natural resources in Baloch Homeland and suppressing Baloch Struggle for Freedom. Baloch nation on both sides of Goldsmith line has been fighting for its independence from Iran and Pakistan. Pakistan Government has targeted many Baloch leaders including Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, Mir Balach Marri, Ghulam Muhammad Baloch and many others including thousands of innocent civilians, kidnapped and tortured Baloch political activists and Baloch students.
In Siestan (western Balochistan occupied by Iran) Jundallah initially organized its resistance movement on demands based on equal rights for minority SUNNIES (Baloch) in a Shia majority country. The Baloch in Iran are denied all basic human rights including the right to speak in their mother tongue (Balochi). Abdul Malik Reiki became the voice of Baloch nation in Iran. He was very popular on both sides of Goldsmith line even though he was using a religious tone still it was obvious he was fighting for rights of Baloch nation.
There was a witch hunt going on, on both sides of Goldsmith line Pakistani and Iranian Governments were desperate to kill this voice which was demanding rights for Baloch nation and was targeting fascist Iranian regime. Finally Iran was able to intercept a flight in its air and arrest Abdul Malik Reiki once he was arrested it was obvious he would be hanged. Iran hangs large number of innocent Baloch people every month how was such a fascist regime going to give Abdul Mali Reiki a fair trial.

But Baloch Struggle for Freedom will go on despite the killings of leaders on both sides of Goldsmith line in fact it’s the blood of martyrs that has strengthened and sustained this struggle. Killing of Abdul Malik Reiki has sparked anger in Baloch nation and there are also signs that Jundallah has in principal agreed to organize its struggle on a secular ideology. The ultimate objective of Baloch Struggle on both sides of Goldsmith line is creation of an independent Baloch State “Greater Balochistan”.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pakistan’s Double Game…. Options for international community

Pakistan since the early days of Charlie Wilson’s War in Afghanistan has been one of the major recipients of US military aid. Pakistan military established close contacts with extremists around the world during Afghan war but ISI did not abandon those contacts after the war. Following the disintegration of USSR “ISI” became the real Government in Afghanistan and the country was turned into a safe haven for international terrorists.
But this was not enough for ISI or Pakistan army’s generals thus started the militarization or Talibanization of Pakistan. The Jamait E Islami and Jameet e ulma e Islam and other fanatical groups were fully supported and strengthened hence they became custodian of “ideology of Pakistan” which is nothing more than war propaganda used by ISI to ensure continuous supply of extremist organizations to fight in Kashmir and Afghanistan. Thus Jamait E Islami and Jameet e ulma e Islam and other such organization gave birth to another group of organizations such as lashkar e taiba, and others that have a prefix lashkar attached to them. This nomenclature “Jamait” (which means an organization) and Lashkar (which means a group) was of specific interest to ISI operatives. From the Madersas which were, and still are, ruled by Jamait E Islami and Jameet e ulma e Islam extremists are enrolled into these two organizations and are further brain washed by these organizations and only the most radical elements amongst them are selected to join the Lashkars (the groups). These selected radical elements are trained , financed and used by ISI these Lashkars are what Pakistan army generals proudly refer to as Non State Actors.
Now the organizations such Jamait e Islami and Jameet e ulma e Islam are not only running the huge madersa system in Pakistan but through ISI financing and support they have also become political parties.

Under the constant military regimes in Pakistan, only one group of print and electronic media was allowed to grow. Hence it’s not surprising that biggest ISI sponsored news paper in Pakistan has a strange name “Jang” which if translated means “WAR” and the TV channel of the same organization goes by the name of “Jeo” which means “LIVING” put the two together and it becomes the Ideology of Pakistan “living the war”. The question is which war? It’s a war against India, a war against secularism, a war against democratic nations. Recently a telephonic conversation between a very influential anchor of the above mentioned media organization and a Taliban extremist has surfaced. In this conversation the Taliban team leader requests guidance from this media anchor (Hamid Mir) about a person that is under their custody. Hamid Mir (the famous anchor) advises the Taliban team leader to further interrogate that person. This shows the extent to which ISI controls each and every walk of life in Pakistan.

The Pakistan army has occupied Balochistan which accounts for more than 45% land and most of natural resources in Pakistan including the natural gas resources. Baloch are freedom loving, secular people who never believed or joined the ISI war machinery and instead have been demanding the freedom of their homeland from Pakistan. Hence Pakistan army is conducting the most systematically planned genocide of Baloch nation through means of chemical weapons, gunship helicopters, forced disappearances, torture cells, no political rights, and no medical and other services. Not surprisingly Pakistan military also choose to conduct its nuclear tests inside Baloch population in Balochistan.

Historically, the western powers have always sided with Pakistan army against the Baloch nation hence Pakistan has freely used surveillance and military equipment against Baloch nation that was handed over for use against Taliban militants. But this time around the entire command and control system of Taliban militants is based in Quetta and despite repeated requests for international community Pakistan army has declined to take any action against Quetta Shura. Baloch National Struggle for freedom provides an excellent opportunity to international community for intervention in the region and eradication of Taliban support system established by ISI in Quetta surely Baloch would well come such a move. The other option would be to support appointments of (the so called) liberal minded generals on key position and hope that they will somehow change the system. The temporary gestures of commitment to international peace are nothing more than false promises by Pakistani generals and world has seen that from Zia to Musharaf, they simply Do Not deliver and they don’t want to.

The Baloch leaders Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri, Hyrbiyar Marri, Brahumdagh Bugti and Dr. Allah Nazar are all willing to sit on Table for independence of their homeland with international community. It’s time the international community abandons its long standing policy of supporting Pakistan Army and starts looking for new options of stability in Afghanistan. The independence of Balochistan and stability in Afghanistan are intertwined because without cutting the Taliban supply line from Quetta (Balochistan) there can be no peace in Afghanistan.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Taliban are given free hand while Paki military intensifies its genocide of Baloch Nation.

The Taliban command and control structure at Quetta is a serious concern for civilized world as most of the attacks against international coalition forces are planned by Taliban leaders at Quetta. It’s worth mentioning that Pakistan Military’s Spy agency ISI has a massive “Afghanistan Control Cell” in Quetta that supports Taliban in terms of planning, financing and logistics.

Despite the presence of these extremists in Quetta Pakistan army instead of taking action against Taliban is intensifying its genocide of liberal, democratic and non fanatic Baloch nation in the region. The Baloch nation have been fighting for their freedom since creation of Pakistan. Paki army is using all kinds of war tactics against innocent Baloch civilians. The Paki army has openly targeted and killed Baloch leadership, used fighter jets and chemical weapons on Baloch civilians and even conducted nuclear tests inside Baloch population resulting in a massive increase in cancer and all other kinds of diseases.

Pakistan army has launched another military assault on Makaran area of Balochistan and is using fighter jets and helicopters against civilian population. It has in the past used similar tactics to kill thousands of Baloch and displace hundreds of thousands from Dera Bugti and Kohlu areas. Many innocent civilians including women and children are being targeted by Pakistan army each day in this recent operation.

Baloch nation is looking at civilized world to raise their voice against these worst human rights violations by Paki army.

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