Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is Pakistan Military getting ready for yet another take over?

Since OBL's death in a military town of Pakistan, army has literally taken over the country’s foreign office not that it was ever under complete civilian control but usually during civilian times army does not order / manage day to day activities of foreign office. But Pakistan’s general are in aggressive mood, the head of the Government was dispatched to China immediately to make sure China keeps supporting Pakistan military , as it always has.

Coincidently, the Taliban attacks in Southern Afghanistan have been on the rise and also the brutalities of Pakistan’s forces (Frontier Constabulary and secret agencies) have increased in Balochistan. The number of mutilated dead bodies found along road sides in Balochistan has increased, these are the bodies of Baloch activists, students, lawyers, engineers, doctors, professors and civilians who are abducted (forced disappearances) , tortured and killed by Pakistan’s secret agencies and forces.

Taliban are the precious assets of Pakistan’s inter-services intelligence agency and hence their activities reflect the temperature in control rooms of GHQ. Baloch have long been labeled and marketed by Pro-Taliban media in Pakistan as agents of India and Jews and therefore whenever army needs a boost in morale they launch a massive operation in Balochistan to support their ongoing systemic genocide of Baloch nation.

It seems clear that army has decided to intensify its genocide of Baloch nation; large deployments of Frontier Constabulary in Balochistan, a few hundred miles from Afghan border also make it easier for Pakistan’s Frontier Constabulary (Pashtu speaking) to cross the border and help their Taliban brethren. Something that Pakistan’s forces have been doing in the past.

Baloch are resisting the assault of Pakistan’s forces as much as they can but a civilian population without outside support cannot fight an army that has no regard for human rights. The civilized world is still trying to “work with Pakistan military” but it seems clear that very soon the military in Pakistan will be taking over again.
Generals in Pakistan army consider civilian government too incompetent to defend them and hence they want to be on the negotiation table alone with no bloody civilians around. Working with army during Zia and Musharraf regimes did not solve the problem of Pakistan supported terrorism and wooing Kiyani and Pasha would not be any different.

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