Saturday, November 13, 2010

Torturing Democracy

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Iranian Consulate in Quetta Balochistan Supporting Taliban

In 70s when Baloch were fighting for independence of their homeland from Pakistani occupation Iran rushed to support Pakistan army’s brutal operation against Baloch civilians. Iran’s consulate at Quetta Balochistan has ever since enjoyed unlimited support from Pakistan military agencies.

Even though both Iran and Pakistan use slightly different strategies when it comes to dealing with Baloch resistance but the ultimate goal and objectives are the same. While Pakistan uses military operations, kidnappings, disappearances of students and political activists and target killing of key Baloch leaders, Iran does not need to even take such precautions any Baloch political activist caught in Iran is openly hanged, a simple line “Causing Disturbance on Surface of Earth” takes care of justice, jury, evidence and human rights if there is such a thing in Iran.

Iran on one hand is buying influence in Karzai Government by bribing officials and on the other its Consulate in Quetta is closely linked to ISI and its Quetta Shura. It was usually observed that despite Pakistan’s support for Iranian nuclear program and their close coordination and cooperation against Baloch resistance movement on both sides of gold smith line, there were disagreements between Iran and Pakistan on Afghan issue. Both the countries support their own religious militant groups in Afghanistan but its increasingly becoming clear that Iran is willing to support and back Taliban completely , this a significant change in Iranian policy. This could never have happened without an intermediate guarantor, and Pakistan’s military establishment ‘read ISI’ is the only entity that could have undertaken such a difficult task in current situation.

Baloch have been fighting against growing Iranian presence in Quetta especially the immigration of large numbers of Hazara Community from Afghanistan that is fully sponsored by Iran’s Consulate in Quetta. Iranian diplomats in Quetta do not try to conceal their animosity towards Baloch nation either, in a recent press statement Mr. Kareemi (Iranian diplomat) referred to Baloch political activists and national leaders as agents of Satan and advised Baloch people to forget about their nationality.

Baloch nation receives dead bodies of their brave sons from ISI’s torture cells and Iran’s public hangings and the western countries receive dead bodies of their brave soldiers who are killed by Taliban that are jointly sponsored by Pakistan and Iran. For long term stability in Afghanistan and to put an end to genocide of Baloch nation by Pakistan and Iran, International presence in Balochistan is essential. Baloch population in general and political activists, student organization and nationalist leaders in particular welcomed the statement by American Ambassador that soon an American Consulate will be established here in Quetta Balochistan.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Iran bribing officials in Karzai Government

Consider the following developments in and around Afghanistan
• Increased Chinese presence in Gwader Port which is located in Balochistan the homeland of Baloch nation that is jointly occupied by Pakistan and Iran.
• A gas pipeline project amongst Iran , Pakistan and possibly India again passing through the Baloch homeland
• Iran and Pakistan’s strategic policy of crushing Baloch national resistance that is demanding an Independent Baloch State.
• Relocation of Taliban command and control structure inside Balochistan through ISI and Pakistan military support against the wishes of Baloch nation.

These may seem unrelated, isolated events but take into account the increasing number of attacks on international forces in Afghanistan; increasing sophistication of attacks and Pakistan military’s decision to cut off NATO supply line after an incident.

Pakistan military seems to be encouraging regional players such as China and Iran to trust and support Taliban takeover of power once the international forces leave Afghanistan, Iran may have some reservations about Taliban’s but at this point in time its determined to support ISI and Taliban in Afghanistan.

Why is Pakistan so obsessed with Taliban? There are many reasons such as
1. Recruiting and maintaining a force that could be used against India in conventional warfare
2. Exploiting the natural resources of Afghanistan and securing access to central Asian countries
But the most important reason is to control the ever growing Baloch national struggle for freedom in Balochistan; this is a common problem that Pakistan’s military and Iranian Mullahs are facing at the moment. Even though the Baloch national struggle in Pakistan occupied part of Balochistan may seem somewhat different to Jundallah’s resistance against Iranian government. But these are different expressions of Baloch nation’s struggle against military operations, human rights abuses, and killings, hangings in public, kidnappings and torture that they suffered.

Baloch nation is fighting for independence of their homeland and their basic human rights, they have been fighting against Iran, Pakistan and Taliban in the past and the national resistance movement will continue until the independence of Balochistan.

The international community has been wooing Pakistan army since a very long time but Pakistan army has its own designs for Afghanistan’s future. Baloch national movement can greatly add to international community’s war against Taliban. It’s an indigenous movement it does not require international forces for protection the Baloch nation demands that international community raise its voice against Pakistan and Iranian atrocities in Balochistan on international stage.

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