Friday, September 21, 2012

While addressing UN panel,Baloch express the intense desire for freedom from Pakistan’s occupation

Pakistan’s powerful military has used every inhuman and negative tactic imaginable or unimaginable for that purpose, to paint Baloch nation’s national struggle for freedom as something else; a quest for provincial autonomy, an adventurism of few leaders, wishful thinking of collegiate youth, and a campaign by Jews. These are just a few labels that ISI and It’s supported religious groups used against Baloch resistance movement, yet Baloch nation has continued the struggle for independence of their homeland from Pakistan and Iran; without substantial support either from Muslim countries of OIC or western democracies; even though the secular outlook and ideological political maturity of Baloch, makes it a natural ally of western democracies. Pakistan’s army has been openly targeting Baloch people in their own homeland and Pakistan’s consulates and ISI supported organizations in the west have been very actively against Baloch political activists, especially against their asylum petitions.
But despite all the negative tactics, killings, enforced disappearances and torture when it came to presenting their case to United Nation’s working group against enforced disappearances, Baloch expressed their burning desire of freedom eloquently and despite all efforts by ISI to the contrary expressed categorically that Baloch do not have faith on Pakistan’s institutions. Furthermore, Baloch explained to UN group that Pakistan’s military through its secret agencies and other militant organizations is targeting Baloch people so as it could coerce them to accept Pakistan’s illegal and brutal occupation of their homeland.
United Nation’s working group conducted meetings with state officials as well as Baloch groups, that are representing the families of the victims, and it is generally believed that group has reasonable understanding of core issue and nature of inhuman tactics that State of Pakistan is using against Baloch civilians, it has to been seen as to what extent the group would go against the State of Pakistan and its powerful military. Given the politics at UN headquarters it would not be feasible for the group to highlight the deliberate nature of these inhuman acts by State of Pakistan against Baloch civilians and it is expected that UN working group would sugar coat the language so as “certain elements in security apparatus” would be blamed and State of Pakistan would be requested to investigate
These limitations of the working group are very frustrating to Baloch political activists and civilians but given the current support for independence of Balochistan at UN where India continuous to shy away from the subject, Muslim countries of OIC strongly support Pakistan and western democracies continue supporting Pakistan despite its links with Taliban in Afghanistan.
The Muslim countries in OIC are appalled at Baloch resistance movement because firstly it’s not led by a religious cleric and secondly Baloch have absolutely no desire or inclination to be associated with either the Saudi or Shia wings of OIC.
Still at the end of the day the visit of United Nation’s working group is an important land mark for Baloch people through strength of their political commitment have been resisting the onslaught of trained army that is equipped with nuclear weapons. The mutilated dead bodies of Baloch activists that surface in Balochistan, are mockery of global human rights and democratic principles.