Sunday, February 27, 2011

International Community’s Attitude towards Baloch Resistance Movement

Despite propaganda by ISI controlled media and Pakistan’s Government that Baloch freedom fighters are Jewish agents and on the pay role of western powers, the fact of the matter is that it’s Pakistan Military that is highly funded by western countries. Baloch political activists, political leaders, lawyers, students and human rights activists have been demanding that western powers should ensure that the military equipment provided to Pakistan to combat religious fanatics is not used against liberal Baloch people who are campaigning for their basic human rights. But it is evident now, that western world has strategically decided to turn a deaf ear towards human rights violation by Pakistan army in Balochistan. Close to a 100 mutilated bodies of Baloch political activists, students, lawyers and doctors have been thrown out on the streets since December 2010 till to date but still UN, EU, Amnesty and other organization have failed to take effective action against Pakistan’s genocide of Baloch nation.

It makes sense that Baloch leadership has finally come to an understanding that western world will continue to support Pakistan army and ISI despite its barbaric crimes against Baloch civilians in Balochistan. It was observed that during the floods and other natural disasters Pakistani Government made sure that Baloch nation did not receive any assistance, donors were asked to stay away from Balochistan, which they did. Western countries have been very strict in admitting liberal, peace loving Baloch nationals in their societies for instance Hyrbiyar Marri’s application for asylum was denied and he had to go the court and UNHCR was initially advised not to provide any assistance to Brahamdagh Bugti because it may upset ISI chief.

The Baloch intelligentsia and leadership has finally come to the conclusion that Baloch nation has to fight for its basic human rights without any support from UN, EU, Human Rights Organizations and Western Capitals.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ISI controlled media goes crazy on death of two Punjabis; atrocities of Pakistan’s secret agencies in Balochistan are completely censored

The recent events in Lahore show the difference how Pakistan army treats Punjabis (its brethren) and Baloch (an occupied nation)differently , The ISI controlled media, politicians, Mullahs and even retired generals have gone crazy , its live competition on TV screens where everyone is trying to be more aggressive and combative. All this madness on death of two Punjabi robbers , and on the other hand here in Balochistan innocent Baloch civilians , students, lawyers ,doctors ,political activists are taken away by Pakistan’s secret agencies and their mutilated bodies are thrown on streets . And the ISI controlled media does not even mention this.

Pakistan FC forces are conducting worst kind of human rights violations against Baloch people and neither the so called “free” media nor judiciary takes any notice. Pakistan does not even allow international aid to Balochistan. In conclusion, Balochistan is an occupied territory and Baloch are slaves and there are no human rights for slaves.