Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baloch Struggle for Independence, provides an opportunity to fight Pakistan and Iran sponsored terrorism

If there ever was doubt in any one's mind regarding Pakistan army's role in promoting terrorism, it should be clear now. There are many many safe heavens like the one where Bin Ladin was found, being run by Pakistan's ISI especially in Quetta and other pashtoon areas of Balochistan.

Baloch nation has been protesting since ever that Pakistan's army is not interested in fighting the likes of Bin Ladin and Mulla Omar because ISI considers them important strategic assets and all funds provided to Pakistan military are being used to conduct a systematic genocide of liberal Baloch people who are fighting for the independence of their homeland from Pakistan and Iran.

Baloch nation can play a pivotal role in detection and eradication of ISI's safe houses in Balochistan where Talibans leaders from Afghanistan are being protected. But organizations like BLA,BLF and BRA need surveillance equipment and resources to launch an effective campaign against ISI presence in their homeland. These organizations are currently doing the same but their efforts can not match the resourcefulness of Pakistan's army at present.

Building the capacity of Baloch national entities to fight against Talibanization and ISI presence in Balochistan could prove to be an effective strategic decision to fight Talibans not just in Afghanistan but actually across the border.

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