Thursday, September 23, 2010

Afghanistan …is the job really done?

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After years of presence the international commanders are working on putting together an exit strategy. The troops are expected to start their journey back home any time during fall 2011. It’s a critical moment for peace, stability, and future of not only Afghanistan but the entire region.
Leaving Afghanistan in the past after collapse of USSR may have been a contributing factor that turned Afghanistan into safe haven for terrorists but that’s not the root cause. It was the ambitious thinking (to rule Afghanistan through Taliban and subdue India by Jihadists) on part of Pakistan army and ISI that lead to catastrophic events including 9/11.
Despite the complex power point presentations that Pentagon staff is famous for, the conceptual frame work for military endeavors in Afghanistan has always been straight forward that is to give Pakistani Generals the money they wanted and hope they do the best. This time around the only difference is the actual presence of American forces in Afghanistan and now they will start pulling out soon.
This simple approach could have proved beneficial if, Pakistan army generals were willing to do their part honestly something which they are being paid for. It’s an open secret now that ISI and Pakistan military’s future plans for Afghanistan are drastically different from what Pentagon and NATO plans.

A more difficult but logical approach to Afghan situation would have included taking the nations that are fighting against Talibanization in the region into confidence. For instance Baloch nation gained their freedom from British rule before Pakistan but their homeland has been occupied by Pakistan since its creation. Iran also occupies a large part of Baloch territory and Taliban minded forces of both Iran and Pakistan are busy killing liberal, peace loving and democratic Baloch people in their own homeland.

The fact of the matter is that Baloch nation is fighting against two most brutal armies in the world (Pakistani army and Iranian army) and at the same time the Taliban militants of Pakistan army are also targeting liberal Baloch nationalists. It’s the most systematic genocide of any nation going on in recent times. The international community instead of supporting Baloch struggle for independence from Pakistan and Iran is supporting Pakistan army. The result of such a policy towards Pakistan would only strengthen Taliban activities in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the region.

The only practical exit strategy from Afghanistan would be building relationships with people and nations that are fighting against Taliban’s and Pakistan army. Baloch nation is fighting against Talibanization in Balochstan and moral support for Baloch cause from international community could add to stability of the region in the future.

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